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One of the main objective of the House System is to foster in the students a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity and at the same time to enkindle and develope the spirit of 'Never Give In' in every child.
As it is rightly said - 'Endeavour Counts', It is the House system that channelizes discipline in the school and school life, with all its complex curricular and co-curricular activities.

RED HOUSE - Motto - "Effort Spells Success"

"To make a positive difference to society through competence, conscience and commitment."

GREEN HOUSE - Motto - "Soaring towards Excellence"

"To achieve a high level of Excellence in all aspects of life."

GOLD HOUSE - Motto - "Excelsior"

"Ever Upwards"

BLUE HOUSE - Motto - "Truth alone Triumphs"

"Never to give up but to fight till the finish"
"A mission and vision to be achieved with Honesty, Integrity and Liberty with Justice"
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